Do you know one of the best experiences in the whole world? It’s driving faster than you have ever imagined while you’re leaping over off-road circuits using your motocross. It’s that sudden rush of adrenaline as you conquer a circuit. Plus, you leave all worries and problems you have while you’re in the air with your motorcycle. Sure, there a million other experiences that deliver the same exhilarating result but going fast with your motocross surely ranks among the top. 


For those who don’t know, this motor sport first began during the early 1900s in the United Kingdom. Back then, motocross enthusiasts didn’t had a lot going on for them. Their motorcycles were very basic, circuits weren’t the way they are now, and safety equipment during those days were a far cry to what are being used today. And speaking of safety equipment, don’t even think about you won’t need them. They not only provide a certain degree of protection against injuries, they also ease your worries as you’re going into overdrive with your motocross. And since we’re on the topic of safety, one such equipment you will need is a pair of motocross goggles. Here are some of the best motocross goggles that you can use.


100% Racecraft 


When you’re going fast as you tackle those circuit obstacles, your vision is the starting point in making the right judgement calls. If your vision is in anyway compromised, you’re sure to sustain injuries in no time at all. That’s why using 100% Racecraft Goggles can be the difference between a gruesome injury and a circuit victory.

Considered to be one the best motocross goggles, this 100% Racecraft product provides a clear line of sight for motocross enthusiasts. With these goggles, you can clearly see everything in your path and help you prevent from running them over. At the same time, the 100% Racecraft Goggles provide a certain amount of protection to your eyes. Moving at fast speeds makes your body susceptible to rocks and objects thrown at it. These goggles will make sure your eyes are defended against these things.

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Oakley Airbrake MXthe-best-motocross-goggles-2017-oakley-airbrake-mx

Apart from producing good looking shades, Oakley also makes some of the best motocross goggles in the market. Their Airbrake MX Shockwave Goggles for men who drive fast with their motocross motorcycles is designed to resist impact well. That’s because its lens is made of Plutonite and it can withstand a huge amount of punishment while you’re running a circuit. Furthermore, it has an outrigger fit incorporated in its design to make sure these goggles will not slip off your face.

Using your motocross during foggy weather situations is something that’s going to compromise your vision. Fortunately, these goggles’ lenses are made with a F3 Anti-Fog coating that will help you see better. With this Oakley product, your line of sight and facial protection is nothing to worry about anymore.

Easy to replacement new parts or repair : 

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Fox Racing Air Space


When you’re in the middle of a motocross race, seeing everything is more important than going faster than everyone else. In this way, you can see obstacles in the circuit and other motocross riders near you so you can calculate your plan on winning. Otherwise, having little to see because of a low-quality goggles can cause you to knock someone else out while racing. If you want to improve your motocross skills, using the Fox Racing Air Space  goggles is a good place to start.

This Fox Racing product allows you to see 30% more than most motocross goggles in the market due to its clever design. Along with an increased vision, these goggles also have improvements in air ventilation so you won’t be drowning in sweat while racing your heart out. It has a Smart venting system that takes in a lot of air without disrupting your senses. 

Along with better vision and a cooler experience, this Fox Racing product has 19mm of protective foam layer to absorb any impact while you’re wearing these goggles. To secure everything, these goggles have an 8-pin retention system to hold its lenses in place. Plus, it also uses a 45mm silicone strap to hold it tight to your helmet. These features all seem simple on paper, but it’s really a big help when you’re high in the air with your motocross motorcycle.

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 Scott MX Prospect


Have you ever wondered if looking good while overtaking your motocross opponents is possible? To answer your question, it is. All you need is to wear the Scott MX Prospect goggles and people will bend their heads backwards just to get a glimpse of this beauty. 

That’s made possible because of the loud green color Scott chose to use in making these goggles. But looks aren’t all these goggles have. It provides a maximum field of vision using additional height of the goggles’ design to help you see better with all of the dust flying around in a racing circuit. Plus, its frame ventilation design ensures your face will get enough air while you’re driving your bike. 

The cherry on top of this Scott product is its lenses. It uses TruView Lenses that are designed to feel like they’re not their because of its lightweight construction. At the same time, these lenses are also made to block 100% UV rays that can damage your eyesight. With these goggles, looking good and getting adequate protection from the elements is something that you can have.

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Although this one is among the cheapest of the bunch, the value of the EKS Go-X Motorcross goggles cannot be overlooked. Well, that’s because this company has more than 30 years of experience in producing quality goggles that can deliver the results you want. It has a poly-flex frame that feels like a feather when you’re wearing these goggles. While it is lightweight, it’s also very sturdy and resistant against damage. Plus, this product employs the use of a reticulated vent foam system to provide maximum airflow while preventing dust and dirt from entering your face. There’s also a 4-layer foam lining that prevents sweat from forming while you’re doing what you love best.

On top of all these features, these goggles’ lenses are the highlight of them all. That’s because these hard coat lenses are made of high-quality polycarbonate are resistant against shattering and scratches. With these lenses, there’s nothing you won’t see on the circuit.

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The best motocross goggles come in all shapes, types, and sizes. Here are some tips on how to identify the type that suits you the best.


1. The Basics

If price is a big thing for you, there are some motocross goggles that can fit your needs. These goggles are almost devoid of any feature that can be helpful in your motorcross performance. Most of these goggles feature a low-quality lens that doesn’t completely filter UV lights, a substandard frame that’s going to break down after some time, and materials that can’t handle impact or damage. Sure, money may get you these goggles but you’re going to spend twice as much when they end up broken.

2. Intermediate Motocross Goggles

This choice presents a good blend of important features at a price point that’s reasonable. When looking for intermediate motocross goggles, make sure they are made with sturdy materials and it should have lenses that can help you see better on the racing circuit. At the same time, it should also have a good ventilation system to prevent you from drowning in sweat. Otherwise, all the heat will be trapped inside your face and might even be a reason for you to lose focus. We’re sure you don’t want that so don’t sacrifice this feature for a couple of bucks.

3. Advanced Motocross Goggles

If money is not an issue for you, then by all means, go for the advanced goggles for your motocross hobby. The best motocross goggles are made of materials that are tougher than your skin and provide you with high impact resistance to prevent any injury from occurring. Plus, check out the lenses too. It should have either a tear-off or a roll-off system to prevent you from having any vision-related problems. At the same time, you should consider a capable retention system so these goggles won’t fall out of your head while you’re in a high-speed environment.


There are many sports that require little to no body protection, such as basketball, soccer, and even chess. On the other side of the fence, there are some sports that require a lot of safety and protection equipment to ensure nothing goes wrong. One of those sports is Motocross and a protective gear you should be wise in choosing is the goggles. Fortunately, here are some tips on what features you should look for in a Motocross goggles. 


First and foremost, your vision is of utmost importance when you’re driving your motocross motorcycle. A good set of goggles won’t hinder your eyeseight. In fact, it improves it as you’re going fast. This protective equipment provides an adequate field of vision that can help you avoid obstacles that can lead to disaster. Apart from the physical dangers, goggle lenses should filter UV lights that are harmful to you. If your motocross goggles can’t protect you from these things, ditch them right away and get a new one.

Second of all, you should go for a set of goggles that fits you well. All of your efforts to control your motorcycle, overtaking your motocross opponents, and completing the race will be null and void if your goggles slip at some time or the other. Some of the best motocross goggles use a silicone strap that’s secure when you wear it. Furthermore, these goggles should allow a generous amount of air into your face to prevent any heating issues. If the sun is raging while you are racing, you can expect a lot of sweat to build up in your face and irritate you.

Along with a good feel and proper ventilation, durability is one good standard to check out for. You should go for goggles that are made of lightweight materials that are designed to handle a lot of impact and damage on the motocross racing circuit. And with the aid of modern technology, the perfect marriage between a lightweight material and outstanding toughness is possible. Go for goggles that are made out of polycarbonate so you can get your money’s worth.

Two important features when searching among the best motocross goggles in the market is the tear-off and roll-off systems. Basically, both systems install a couple of clear film layers on the goggles. These film layers then tear through dirt and dust or make them roll of the lenses when the going gets tough. The tear-off system does this feat by employing an extended tab you can activate while riding to eliminate any obstruction on your goggles. On the other hand, the roll-off system accomplishes this feat by using a pull chord to roll the topmost film layer and replace it with a new one, eliminating dust and dirt in the process.

Driving through a racing circuit full of obstacles and mounds is an experience that removes all negativity in your mind. Add a spirit of competition with your closest buds and you’re sure to have a wonderful day with your motocross motorcycle. But having fun and staying safe are two entirely aspects you should think about carefully. In that aspect, using motocross goggles that are made of high-quality materials should be one of the first purchases for you. Not only does it protect your face from any sign of dust and dirt, it also gives you a visual edge when you’re racing. Otherwise, the absence of a competent set of goggles would only place you and your motorcycle in danger. Do yourself a favour and get one of the best motocross goggles out there right away.

Hope you will get a great goggles for yourself.