In my personal opinion there square measure many items of cross-country riding instrumentation you ought to ne’er skimp on, and one amongst those is boots. certain there square measure choices to suit any budget, however before i used to be flush with gear because of my position at MOTOCROSSTIME, i might confirm I had a wad of money squirreled away for my next try of foot protection.


If I had to wear an equivalent set of pants and jersey for 3 years therefore be it, however I forever had top-notch kicks. Not solely do high-end boots have a lot of options, they have a tendency to last longer and have higher feel on the pegs and levers. The market is replete with choices at the higher echelon, and Sidi forever is close to the value ceiling with its Crossfire model. currently for 2013, the Italian company has introduced the Crossfire a pair of SRS.

The Sidi Crossfire a pair of SRS Boots square measure the top of the manufacturer’s line-up, stuffed filled with options, nonetheless they’re a number of the foremost svelte examples out there. Sidi’s Technomicro material is employed because the base for the whole boot, encapsulated by formed plastic panels to make a boot that’s protecting nonetheless versatile. A twin Flex System higher encompasses a massive hinge at the articulatio talocruralis and a smaller hinge more up the calf for support with a bigger vary of motion. The higher additionally has associate adjustable calf plate to permit for larger calves or knee braces. fast regulate straps create size fast and are available in 2 sizes.

A nylon innersole was engineered to supply support while not a steel shank, and a removable support provides the muse on that the Crossfire a pair of SRS is made upon. The toe space is totally coated during a plastic for a sleek look and tiny cross section. At the rear a rigid, shock resistant heel protects while resisting twisting. The inside of the boot features replaceable guards to protect from the kick-starter and foot pegs. Finally the formed, anti-skid soles square measure utterly similar with nonmandatory Supermoto or Enduro soles with simply a flat-blade screwdriver.
I received a try of the Crossfire a pair of SRS boots in late Nov and have used them virtually completely since so as to check their sturdiness, comfort and performance. I’ve been affected with them. Right out of the box there isn’t a softer set of shoes. Most of my street riding footwear is a smaller amount comfortable. we have a tendency to do some terribly long days of riding and my feet still feel recent after I slide these Sidis off.

I’ve fallen many times with my foot caught between the bike and ground and haven’t suffered any sick effects or injuries nonetheless. The plastic has worn well and doesn’t appear to be as soft as different brands. Mud and dirt comes off simple and also the white parts haven’t stained nonetheless. i might rate them terribly high in sturdiness, that is good with a boot pushed up to the $600 mark.


As much as i prefer the Crossfire a pair of SRS, I do have a few complaints. the primary is that the quality of the planning makes golf stroke on the boot a lot of sophisticated. It simply takes longer to ready as you’ve got to create certain each flap and strap is within the correct position. The second is that the buckles. whereas the closure is incredibly positive, the tiny size of the buckles may be arduous to induce closed and open if you wish the straps to be terribly tight like I do. Run a looser work and there’s no issue, they snap shut simply and pop open with an affordable pull.
After 3 months of solid use, i might need to say Sidi encompasses a winner with the Crossfire a pair of SRS. they’re snug, protecting and intensely sturdy. to not mention, they’re damn smart wanting. These boots square measure value cracking the savings bank open for.

The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS  are available on Amazon from 470$.

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