Hi. Today we have a review about O’Neal Rider Boot after one year use it. One year has enough to know what is good or not about it.

O’Neal Rider Boot

The firts, it is a cheap boot for beginer rider or someone just need a boots for enduro. Around 100$, we can’t requeir too much comfortable. I bought it just because it cheap with my wallet that time.

First time


O'Neal Rider Boots Review

With brand new boot from O’Neal, firts time when i wear it and ride my bike. Wow. Where is my leg ? Where is my foot brake ? Its too hard. Your leg can’t feel the brake and walk like a broken leg guys. LOL? Don’t worry about it. After few week use and break it i have been happy with it. Its softer and easy to ride, easy to shift the gear. Specical, I think a boot with firts mission is protect your leg so its good. I’m fall when ride enduro and my leg stranded between two big log, them clip my leg. Two big log clip my leg but nothing broke, after that moment i really like this boots. The plastic at ankle is really good in this case, protect your ankle when you fall.

Weight & Sole

About the weight, around 3kg ( 8lb) i think it is too weighty as top boot Sidi Crossfire, Fox Racing, Apinestar Tech seri… with hight cost 300-500$. In 100$, a cheap boot we should ignore about weight, we can’t do anything to make it lighter. Just enjoy. Because just need a boot to protect your leg and ankle.
O'Neal Rider Boot Review www.motocrosstime.com

Okay, next about the Snap -Lock. O’Neal make it good, easy to operate even caked with mud. But the bolt will rust very fast after enduro trip. I dont like rust, it make me feel here is a forgeted boot. Meta toe felling good  to protect the sole against delaminating but the screws need to retighten.

O'Neal Rider Boot Review www.motocrosstime.com

When you or me ride enduro with dirt and mud, i think the good sole is very important. This boot’s sole was good but after one year, after few enduro trip, it was worn out to fast. It’s make us tired when try to parking bike.
O'Neal Rider Boot Review www.motocrosstime.com

Air mesh & Leather

O’Neal make a great air mesh interior, it’s good and easy to wash. Generous heel support and cushioned insole for extra comfort.

Synthetic leather heat shield to prevent heat damage but after one years it’s was so bad. Look the image in under.
O'Neal Rider Boot Review www.motocrosstime.com


This topic about my O’Neal Rider Boot i use after one years. I think it was a good and cheap boot. The good and bad i just post on top. You can choice other good boots but with around 100$ it is my first choice.

You can looking your size chart and new price at here.