It’s pretty much obvious what makes enduro riding great. The open land, the adventurous terrain, that feeling that you get when you take nature head-on, beat whatever it throws at you; be it rocks, mud, holes in the ground or extreme weather conditions like scorching heat or chilling cold, and kick its ass together with your trustworthy bike.

Whether it’s up a hill, down a mountain or in the middle of the desert, you’re guaranteed to get your adrenaline rush and get that awesome feeling you get after fighting nature and winning.Motion_Pro-Multi-Purpose-Metric-Tool-Review-enduro_tools-10

So why would you need multitools when riding enduro?

As in everything, things aren’t always rosy; riding this hard often takes its toll on the bike, and there are no bike shops in the great outdoors. And when that unavoidable misfortune comes, you need something that can quickly help you fix the problem; a multipurpose tool that can handle many different tasks because you can’t carry your whole garage with you in your backpack.

So you turn your attention to a multitool, an all-purpose device that is designed for different jobs, repairs or adjustments that you will most definitely need at one point in time if you’re an avid enduro racer. Such a mini toolkit will reduce the weight and volume of your bags, allowing you to do things on the trail instead of waiting to safely return to your garage before even attempting to fix them.Motion_Pro-Multi-Purpose-Metric-Tool-Review-enduro_tools-01

Motion Pro 08-0161 Multi-Purpose Metric Tool Review

Well this is a multitool that you can definitely do a whole lot with; as a matter of fact, by only using this single, compact little wonder you can take apart a bike in almost its entirety, with the exception of removing the wheels and engine.

The whole tool only consists of two parts: the tool body and the driver adapter, orientated in a 90 degree angle. With just these two parts, you can remove a variety of bolts, like 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm bolts, number 2 and number 3 Phillips screws, small and medium straight-slot screws and 5-6 mm Allen bolts. Then using the square drive adapter, you can use any 1/4” and 3/8” drive sockets, with the kit also including 10 mm and 12 mm ¼” drive sockets, while the carrying case has room for a few more in case your bike has a special set of bolts and screws that don’t fit the ones mentioned above.

The kit also comes with hex drive adapters, providing you with flat blade and Phillips screwdrivers plus 5 mm and 6 mm Allen wrenches and if this isn’t enough, the Motion Pro has additional accessory hex drive adapters for fitting many more fasteners.Motion_Pro-Multi-Purpose-Metric-Tool-Review-enduro_tools-02

While this is the perfect tool for enduro bikes, its excellent versatility means it can do so much more on a variety of other vehicles. If it works on a dirt bike, it obviously works on a street bike, and you can do your little repairs without having to fill your entire garage with different tools of different sizes. You can do about 90% of things cheap usual tools do, without all the trouble of storing them and taking them out every time you need them. And obviously this extends beyond bikes; the 5 inches by 4 inches multipurpose tool fits anywhere and can easily be carried around when using a car or a truck. You can rely on it to handle most if not all simple tasks you throw at it.

It’s also very durable for such a lightweight product and the hard nickel pewter finish gives it a nice shiny look. Of course not only bikes break down but tools too, so in case any part of the multipurpose toolkit gets damaged or broken, replacement parts are sold separately so you can make yours whole again.

Why choose this product?

There are of course many different multitools available out there from many manufacturers, but most have very simple design and functions like a standard pair of pliers or a pocket knife.

The Motion Pro MP tool, on the other hand, is absolutely unique and packs so many different tools and function in one single package, that some users are sometimes overwhelmed, not knowing what it is and what you can do with it.

Motion_Pro-Multi-Purpose-Metric-Tool-Review-enduro_tools-03How to choose the best/factors to consider

Of course nothing is perfect, and the Motion Pro 08-0161 Multi-Purpose Metric Tool makes no exception. It could be considered a bit expensive by some and a bit on the heavy side by others, but these are both relative. What could prove to be a real issue with a product whose main selling point is versatility, is the possible lack thereof.

First of all the Phillips drivers are not JIS compatible (Japanese Industrial Screw), meaning that if you own an Asian motorcycle (and many of the most popular dirt bikes come from the land of the rising sun), you might not be able to properly remove all screws on the bike. Another localization problem is this all-metric set including a 7/16” wrench, while substituting it for a 17 cm wrench could had proven to be more useful and versatile. So when choosing the best tool kit for you, make sure your bike is fully compatible with it.


Another weird thing we found about the toolkit is that it includes a bottle opener. Harmless and potentially useful, you might think at first. But enduro bikers are usually environmentally friendly and don’t take bottles with them on trips, not the mention the obvious danger of the bottles breaking mid-hike. Cans are the vessel of choice for bike and ATV riders for precisely those reasons, so the only possible use you may have for the bottle opener would be in your own garage. And you wouldn’t need a fancy multipurpose toolkit to work on stuff in your own garage, would you?


To summarize, theMotion Pro 08-0161 Multi-Purpose Metric Tool is the perfect multiple purpose tool for enduro racers out there, mainly because its insane versatility and small size. You can’t expect it to replace a garage full of tools, of course, but you can be sure that this pocket sized device will get you out of a jam quickly and consistently; and when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with your bike not working, and this handy little tools manages to help you take your vehicle apart, solve any issues and then put it back together again, you may return from your adventure and tell your friends that this nickel plated device is surely worth its weight in gold.

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