The 2018 AMA Pro Motocross Championship kicked off on Saturday at the Hangtown Motocross Classic in Sacramento, Calif. Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Zach Osborne claimed the first 250 overall victory of the season with a heroic showing aboard his Husqvarna FC 250. Teammate Jason Anderson started the season strong with a fourth overall in the 450 class, while 250 riders Michael Mosiman and team newcomer Jordan Bailey finished 13th and 19th, respectively.

250 Moto 1
Zach Osborne was fifth at the start of the first 250 moto and immediately set his sights on the front. He made his way through the field, took the lead and claimed the first 250 win of the day. Michael Mosiman and rookie Jordan Bailey were mid-pack at the start and rode consistently to finish 15th and 19th, respectively.

450 Moto 1
Jason Anderson got a good start in the top-five in the first 450 moto and rode smart and consistent to finish fourth aboard his Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition.

250 Moto 2
Zach Osborne put in a heroic ride in the second 250 moto. He started in the top-10 then ran the field down and put in an amazing charge to take over the lead and win by over 4 seconds. His commanding ride gave him a 1-1 finish and the first 250 overall victory of the season. Michael Mosiman got a great start, ran well in the top-10, and would eventually finish 11th. The 15-11 finish gave him 13th overall on the day. Jordan Bailey suffered from a first-turn crash, but remounted and rode back to a 19th-place finish. He finished 19th overall.Zach-Osborne-Hangtown-2018-02“It was an awesome day,” said Osborne. “To go 1-1 and start off with 50 points is huge for the chase. It’s nice to have a good pace and be where we need to be right of the bat. I’m happy with it and hope to carry the momentum into Glen Helen.”Michael-Mosiman-Hangtown-2018-02“This was my home race at Hangtown to start off the season,” said Mosiman. “The goal was to keep it on two wheels, get a solid race, and get some points. We did that. I stayed up and ended up 13th. It was a pretty solid day. The track was gnarly, but I got through it. Those motos are long, but now we’re focused on next week.”
Jordan-Bailey -Hangtown-2018-02“I started off ok in the first practice,” said Bailey. “I had a couple mistakes, but I’m just trying to learn every time I’m on the track. I got a good start in the first moto and was just nervous being a rookie. I got another good start in the second race, but there was a big pileup and I got caught up in it. I charged as hard as I could and I’ll move on to Glen Helen, keep learning, and will get better every weekend.”

450 Moto 2
Jason Anderson got a good start in the second 450 moto and showed his skills in the front of the pack for a while before eventually finishing sixth. The 4-6 finish gave him fourth overall on the day.

“I went 4-6 for fourth,” said Anderson. “I rode hard and think it was a good start. I’m looking forward to improving throughout the remainder of the season.”JASON-ANDERSON-HANGTOWN-2018

Next Race: May 26 – Glen Helen National – San Bernardino, CA

Hangtown National Results

250 Class
1. Zach Osborne
2. Jeremy Martin
3. Aaron Plessinger
4. Alex Martin
5. Justin Cooper
6. Chase Sexton
7. Joey Savatgy
8. Jordon Smith
9. RJ Hampshire
10. Garrett Marchbanks

450 Class
1. Eli Tomac
2. Marvin Musquin
3. Justin Barcia
4. Jason Anderson
5. Blake Baggett
6. Weston Peick
7. Benny Bloss
8. Christian Craig
9. Phillip Nicoletti
10. Bradley Taft

250 Class Rider Point Standings

1. Zach Osborne – 50 points
2. Jeremy Martin – 44 points
3. Aaron Plessinger – 38 points
4. Alex Martin – 34 points
5. Justin Cooper – 28 points
6. Chase Sexton – 26 points
7. Joey Savatgy – 26 points
8. Jordon Smith – 26 points
9. RJ Hampshire – 25 points
10. Garrett Marchbanks – 24 points

450 Class Rider Point Standings

1. Eli Tomac – 50 points
2. Marvin Musquin – 44 points
3. Justin Barcia – 40 points
4. Jason Anderson – 33 points
5. Blake Baggett – 32 points
6. Weston Peick – 30 points
7. Benny Bloss – 27 points
8. Christian Craig – 26 points
9. Phillip Nicoletti – 24 points
10. Bradley Taft – 21 points