With only one round of the 2018 AMA Arenacross Championship remaining, Team Babbitt’s/Monster Energy®/Kawasaki rider Jacob Hayes closed in on the 250AX championship points lead moving to within only a single point as he finished the night in a three-way tie for the overall win but was credited third, just behind fellow Kawasaki rider Travis Sewell. In AX Lites West, GPF Babbitt’s Online Kawasaki’s Ryan Breece extended his points lead after capturing his fourth win inside Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center.

The intensity was at an all-time high as the gate dropped on the first 250AX Main Event when Hayes found himself held up in the first turn which forced him to play catch up. Hayes powered his KX™250F into second place by Lap 6 and began stalking the leader. As the Kawasaki riders came to the last lap, Hayes attempted a high-risk pass, and unfortunately found himself tangled up and on the ground with the leader. He reacted quickly to remount his bike, still crossing the finish line first with Sewell inheriting second place.

Following the controversial last lap pass in the first main, the second 250AX Main Event saw a similar, action-packed story. As the gate dropped, both Hayes and Sewell launched out of the gate to start third and fourth place, respectively. Much like the first race, Hayes found himself pushing forward into second and on the last lap, once again collided with the leader. Hayes found himself scrambling to remount his bike, while Sewell was able to capitalize on the two leaders misfortune and reach the checkers for another second place finish and second overall for the night. Hayes went on to cross the line in third place, tying in points for the overall therefore his second main event finish determined his third overall. This brings Hayes within one point of the championship going into the final round of the Race to the Cup.2018-TEAM-BABBITTS-MONSTER-ENERGY-KAWASAKI-JACOB-HAYES

“I’m happy to be on the podium tonight,” said Hayes. “Obviously it wasn’t the result we were looking for and even though I didn’t get the win tonight, the championship is the bigger goal and every point matters, so I’ll take it!”

As the gate dropped on the AX Lites West class, Breece launched out to a second place start. Halfway into the race, Breece saw the opportunity to push to the front by passing the leader. Breece was under pressure for the entirety of the race but as he showed his steady skill, he continued on with his winning ways to secure his fourth victory in the fifth round of the AX Lites West class.2018-TEAM-BABBITTS-MONSTER-ENERGY-KAWASAKI-GAVIN-FAITH

“The competition out here is tough,” said Breece. “I was a little disappointed with our results last week so I was even more motivated to get the win tonight. It feels good to finish on top and hold on to the points lead.”

250AX Results

1. Daniel Herrlein (3-1)

2. Travis Sewell (2-2)

3. Jacob Hayes (1-3)

5. Gared Steinke (5-5)

6. Kyle Bitterman (6-7)

7. Ryan Breece (4-6)

9. Steven Mages (9-8)

250AX Race to the Cup Championship Standings

1. Chris Blose (135)

2. Jacob Hayes (134)

3. Travis Sewell (99)

5. Gared Steinke (96)

7. Kyle Bitterman (64)

8. Gavin Faith (10)

9. Shane Sewell (4)

10. Jacob Williamson (3)

AX Lites West Coast Results

1. Ryan Breece

2. Kevin Moranz

3. Carson Brown

6. Richard Jackson

AX Lites West Coast Championship Standings

1. Ryan Breece (78)

2. Kevin Moranz (65)

3. Carson Brown (64)

6. Mason Kerr (27)

7. Preston Taylor (27)

Source: Kawasaki