Salt Lake City – Results

250 Main: Things started slow in this one and then completely flipped upside down, literally. Forkner got the holeshot followed by Plessinger and McElrath. McElrath made hard block pass on Forkner and took second. Hill made quick work from his sixth place start getting Oldenburn and Decotis on the first lap. From there it was pretty stale with the top four about pulling away from each other about two seconds each. Plessinger was out front, followed by McElrath, Forkner and Hill. This is how things went until there were nine minutes to go. Plessinger was looking good out front stretching the gap out to 3.6 second over McElrath when he got squirrely in the whoops. He dipped the front wheel, flipped over the bars and straight to his back after the final whoop and was done for the night. He got up and walked it off, but took a ride back to the pits sitting on the back of the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Mule.

With Plessinger out McElrath took the lead and Hill went into cruise mode. Hill came into the night 18 points ahead of Plessinger so he must have known he had the championship in the bag.

Forkner had is own problems in the whoops and went down too. He got back up in fifth, but never really found his groove again and had at least five more close calls throughout the race. Oldenburg found another gear after his teammate lead the pack and started charging. Oldenburg passed Hill for second who was riding smart and just trying to get to the checkers.

In the last corner of the last lap Davalos went for the juggler of Hill for the final podium spot, but Hill kept it with photo finish type closeness.

Hill is clinches the championship with 26 points over McElrath.

250 Main Results

450 Main: There were tons of things were going on throughout the race, but everyone only cared about one thing. Dungey and Tomac. Dungey got the start that he needed in this one and Tomac did not. Dungey came out of the first turn in fourth and Tomac came through the second corner with two guys behind him. Dungey knew he had to get to the front early and check out if he wanted a chance at winning and he did just that. He started pulling away while Tomac had to fight his way to the front.

Tomac had serious work to do. In classic Tomac fashion he absolutely charged through the pack passing four guys in the whoops one time. He was nearly a full second a lap faster than the rest of the field. Dungey had pulled a 3.5 second lead over Anderson who was in second.

Tomac was impressive everywhere, but especially in the whoops and in the corner before the start straight. That’s where he seemed to really be making up time.

At one point Musquin got by Tomac in the rhythm before the finish and that didn’t make Tomac happy. He made a hard pass back on Musquin before the whoops and kept on going. Chad Reed was Baggett were battling, but Tomac just went on by.

With 14 minutes to go Bogle took his handlebars to the face and went down and Tomac made another pass. The following lap Tomac got by his teammate Grant. With just under ten minutes to go he got by Anderson after the whoops and the gap was at just over three seconds.

Dungey rode great tonight, but Tomac rode better. Tomac caught the back of Dungey and then settled in for about two laps. Tomac showed Dungey a wheel after whoops and really dove inside, but knifed the front a bit and couldn’t make it stick. Then on the following lap in the corner after the first rhythm Tomac made his move. There was some contact and Tomac got office balance and couldn’t do the rhythm. Dungey doubled out and Tomac singled which gave Dungey the lead back. Tomac regrouped and then charged by Dungey in the whoops and made it stick. Tomac with another impressive ride and a three point lead over Dungey heading into New Jersey.

450 Main Results