International Six Days Enduro 2017 – Brive (FRA)

One of the fastest riders in the event, Josep Garcia ended the first day sixth in Enduro 1 and 11th overall before moving to the top of the E1 classification as well as challenging for the overall individual win. Second in E1 on day two, he then topped the third and fourth days before putting in one of the most impressive final moto performances of any rider and ending his event as the best performing Enduro 1 class rider. 

Josep Garcia“That was a lot of fun, I’m so happy to have won my final motocross race. Doing so well in the ISDE last year in Spain I really wanted to do well again here in France – winning the Enduro 1 class was my goal. To have done that is amazing. As always, it’s been a long and difficult week, but generally things went well for me. The dust during the first few days wasn’t too nice, but with the new tests during the third and fourth days I was able to really get a good feeling with the grass special tests. It was disappointing that one of the Spanish trophy team had to retire from the event, after that I really pushed to try and win the overall as well as Enduro 1.”
One of many riders to struggle during the opening days of the event due to the severe dust on the special tests, Nathan Watson worked his way up both the Enduro 2 class and overall individual results to eventually place sixth in E2 and end his event on a high by topping the final E2 class motocross race. Down in 38th overall and placing 15th in E2 at the end of the first day’s competition, Nathan finished second in class on days three, four and five before winning his final motocross race. 

Josep Garcia - KTM 250 EXC-F - ISDE 2017, France

Nathan Watson“After a bad couple of days at the start of the event I was a little frustrated, but things improved and have ended really well, winning the final E2 moto. I knew what to expect after riding my first ISDE last year and having won a couple of GPs this year I knew I would have a chance to win this. That was always the goal and then after such a bad first day I was so disappointed. It was just like last year, I was a little impatient and ended up crashing in the dust. Then of course, you start where you finish, so you’re in the dust again, stuck behind slower riders. It’s so important when conditions are dusty to have a clear track. In the end, I decided to just chill out and I ended up having a couple of good days. Things started to roll in a good direction then and I really enjoyed the final motocross race. I got a little lucky, but to end the event with a win is great. With a better start to the event who knows what might have been.” 
Nathan Watson - KTM 350 EXC-F - ISDE 2017, France
Team USA World Trophy team rider Kailub Russell also suffered in the dust of the opening two days, placing ninth in Enduro 2 on day one. Enduring a difficult day three, Kailub placed sixth in class on day five before finishing fourth in his final day motocross race. 

Kailub Russell“It’s not been the ISDE I’d hoped for, in terms of my results, but I’ve got to the finish in one piece and really enjoyed the final moto. Thad going out was a real bummer in terms of the USA team result, and it was tough, especially also with the dust, to get into the first few days. But I kept working and made a few set-up changes and started to feel like myself during the final few days. Hat’s off to Taylor and Ryan for giving it everything this week, and thanks to all of the USA team for their help. I flinched on the start of today’s final moto and got a terrible jump. The other riders got their bars ahead of mine, but I somehow managed to sneak to the inside on the first turn to avoid some carnage. I think I came out of the third turn in fourth or fifth. Nathan Watson was riding great, and I could see the rider ahead of him was holding him up. But it was a pretty one-lined test, it was so hard to make up time and pass people. I washed out the front wheel and lost one spot, but I’m pleased with the way things went. Now it’s back home and back to work.” 
Kailub Russell - KTM 350 EXC-F - ISDE 2017, France
Placing first in Enduro 3 and first overall at the end of the opening day of competition it was clear that Christophe Nambotin was focused on outright overall victory in Brive. Continuing to set the pace in E3, Nambo’ topped the class on days two and three before crashing and breaking bones in his right hand on day four. Still managing to finish ninth in class he completed the fifth and final full day of competition in 16th in class before successfully completing the final motocross. Despite his disappointment at not being able to finish the event as he started it, Christophe’s contribution to the French team helped them claim the win in the World Trophy team competition. 

Christophe Nambotin: “This is such a great feeling. To win the World Trophy team competition here in France is amazing, especially after the final few days I’ve had. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything more than just ride around today because of my injured hand, but thankfully the rest of the team rode amazingly and we did what we set out to do. The start of the race was good for me, but with my hand injury it was just a matter of finishing.” 
Christophe Nambotin - KTM 300 EXC - ISDE 2017, France
While there was obvious disappointment for Nambotin, Taylor Robert showed exactly why he was the outright fastest rider at last year’s ISDE as he topped the Enduro 3 category in France by one-minute and 47 seconds. Starting the week off strongly with second in E3 and second outright, Taylor again finished as runner-up in E3 on days two and three before winning on days five and six and then placing second in his final day motocross race. 

Taylor Robert“I’m really pleased with the way this year’s ISDE has panned out for me – to win the Enduro 3 class and get third overall is really cool. Of course I’d hoped to win the overall like I did last year, but, hey, it wasn’t to be this year. I had a couple of days that weren’t great, but generally things went really well. There’s still only ever been a handful of American’s who have won their class at the ISDE, so I’m really proud to be one of them. It was tough to see Thad go out on day one, but the ISDE is a crazy race some times. Today I got a terrible start for the final moto. I didn’t get a good jump from the start, then I wheelied, but I managed to weave my way through the first few turns pretty good and managed to get close to the front. I was a little crazy during those opening laps, but I kept charging. I passed about four guys in the final lap, which allowed me to get second.” 
Taylor Robert - KTM 500 EXC-F - ISDE 2017, France
Australia’s Daniel Sanders endured a rollercoaster event, eventually placing third in the Enduro 3 class. One place behind Sanders, Finland’s Matti Seistola delivered a stand-out performance aboard a standard 2018 model 300 EXC TPI machine, helping Finland finish in third place in the World Trophy team competition. 

KTM riders filled four of the top six places in the Enduro Women’s class, with Spain’s Laia Sanz toping the results by more than one-and-a-half minutes. The USA all-KTM Women’s World Trophy team of Brandy Richards, Kacy Martinez and Rebecca Sheets placed third in class. 

Source : KTM