NEWS FROM Team Babbitt’s/ Monster Energy/ AMOSIL Kawasaki

Kawasaki earned three Arenacross class championships inside the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on Friday. Team Babbitt’s/ Monster Energy/ AMOSIL Kawasaki Presented by AP Designs rider Gavin Faith rode his KX™250F to his second consecutive 250AX AMSOIL Arenacross Championship. Ryan Breece followed suit and went on to win the 250AX Lites West Championship, while the young Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green rider Jett Reynolds captured the Supermini title on his KX™100.


When the gate dropped on 250AX Main Event 1, Faith came barreling into Orleans Arena in fourth place. Faith made his moves quickly on the opening laps and crossed the line on Lap 3 in second place. After pacing the leader for a few laps, Faith made the pass through the whoops section and went on to win Main Event 1 and increased his point lead to seven. After starting seventh, Travis Sewell raced his way to a sixth place finish. Teammate Gared Steinke did not compete in the main events after a heat race crash forced him to retire early from competition.

At the start of Main Event 2, Faith picked up where he left off and pulled the holeshot, but a small mistake on the opening lap resulted in Faith losing the lead. From there, Faith rode smart and consistent throughout the main event to finish second place and clinch the 2017 250AX AMSOIL Arenacross Championship. Sewell finished an impressive fifth place, for fifth overall.


“What a night,” said Faith. “I can’t thank Team Babbitt’s enough. We struggled at the beginning of the season, but were able to turn it around when the points reset. It feels great to ride my KX250F to another championship. I had a lot of fun tonight and can’t wait for next season.”

“Great night,” said Sewell. “It feels good to finish the year off with a Top-5 finish. Looking forward to putting the work in over the off season and come into 2018 swinging.”

Babbitt’s/ Monster Energy/ AMOSIL Kawasaki