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Jamie McCanney Secures Double Enduro 1 Class Victory In Spain


Putting in a dominant performance under changing conditions in Spain, Outsiders Yamaha Official Enduro Team rider Jamie McCanney wrapped up round two of the 2018 FIM Enduro World Championship with two Enduro 1 class victories. Collecting 40 valuable points in Santiago de Compostela, the WR250F powered rider has further extended his lead in the Enduro 1 World Championship’s provisional standings.

Living up to everyone’s expectations, the GP of Spain was a great physical and mental challenge for all competitors. Despite occasional rainfall making conditions demanding, McCanney remained consistently fast throughout the weekend in the north of Spain.

The GP started with Jamie making a few small mistakes in the short opening SuperTest, which had the Outsiders Yamaha Official Enduro Team rider settle for a ninth-place result. Showing what he is capable of as soon as the race moved into its main part on day one, the WR250F mounted rider was never outside the top four in any of the twelve tests contested on Saturday.Jamie-McCanney-Outsiders-Yamaha-Official-Enduro-Team-012

Carrying his winning momentum into day two, the Manxman topped the 250cc class’ standings by more than one-minute over his closest rival. Two demanding rounds into the 2018 FIM Enduro World Championship, Yamaha’s official representative in the Enduro 1 category currently enjoys a four-point lead in the class’ provisional championship standings.

Jamie McCanney and the Outsiders Yamaha Official Enduro Team return to action in Castelo Branco, Portugal for round three of the 2018 Enduro World Championship on May 4/6.


Jamie McCanney 

Outsiders Yamaha Official Enduro Team rider

1st Day 1 / 1st Day 2

“I am really happy with how things went here in Spain. Conditions made the GP unpredictable for everybody and I’m happy I managed to get these two wins. Coming into Spain I felt a bit rusty and this led to me making some mistakes with a few small crashes on Saturday. Getting the win on day one helped me relax a little and since then I knew what I had to do to come out on top again on the second day. My speed was better on day two and I even found myself fighting for the top in the overall EnduroGP class, where I finally finished second. Overall, I’m happy with my speed here in Spain and looking forward to the following GP next week in Portugal.”

2018 Enduro 1- Results and standings


Pos. Rider Time
1 Jamie McCanney 1:13’47.400
2 Brad Freeman 1:14’01.980
3 Davide Guarneri 1:14’11.670
4 Antoine Basset 1:15’09.830
5 Victor Guerrero 1:16’02.210
6 Manuel Monni 1:16’10.000
7 Eemil Pohjola 1:16’51.090
8 Jiri Leino 1:17’39.590
9 Cedric Cremer 1:18’21.880
10 Niko Aitta 1:19’56.030


Pos. Rider Time
1 Jamie McCanney 1:18’14.620
2 Brad Freeman 1:19’26.640
3 Antoine Basset 1:20’36.810
4 Victor Guerrero 1:21’04.640
5 Eemil Pohjola 1:22’59.090
6 Davide Guarneri 1:23’10.200
7 Manuel Monni 1:24’41.210
8 Jiri Leino 1:26’22.90


Pos. Rider Points
1 Jamie McCanney 91
2 Brad Freeman 84
3 Antoine Basset 66
4 Jiri Leino 60
5 Eemil Pohjola 55
6 Davide Guarneri 54
7 Jussi Arvala 37
8 Niko Aitta 36
9 Victor Guerrero 34
10 Kalle Jarvinen 31
11 Manuel Monni 29
12 Dick Bergman 22
13 Henry Olenius 22
14 Teemu Latostenmaa 20
15 Paavo Henriksson 18
16 Aleksi Nieminen 16
17 Jarno Koskela 14
18 Cedric Cremer 12
19 Jani Salonen 12